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KRAFTON Reveals 2024 Roadmap for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS

Introducing destructible environments, new systems, enhanced anti-cheat measures and a transition to Unreal Engine 5

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - 11 March 2024 - KRAFTON has unveiled the 2024 Roadmap for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, aiming to elevate the live service game to new heights and offer fresh gameplay experiences for players throughout the year. In 2024, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is set to undergo significant enhancements to provide a more structured service and enrich the game’s iconic LAND/LOOT/SURVIVE gameplay.

Destructible Environments
Destructible map environments will be introduced to add a dynamic new layer of strategy and tactics to the game. Players will be able to strategically destroy sections of buildings or construct defensive barriers, opening new attack routes or securing areas. These features will be previewed in the upcoming April update, with continuous improvements and expansions planned going forward.

Gameplay Adjustments
Gunplay updates are scheduled to release every two months, aiming to foster a stable ecosystem and provide a greater diversity of choices to players. The Arcade's 'Gunplay LABS' will serve as a platform for players to test and offer feedback on balance adjustments ahead of broader implementation in the main game. The game is also developing survival-focused items with contents for more dynamic actions, as well as refining and expanding special modes for a more casual gaming experience.
New gameplay systems and content will also be launched, designed to escalate tension and offer fresh challenges. The team vs. team system will allow players to collaborate with teammates to compete in scoring against an opposing team, with rewards available for achieving team winning streaks.
New contents and collaborations
Additionally, future updates will bring new experiences to existing maps, maintaining the core gameplay while integrating features and content from new seasons, collaborations, or modes.
A range of exciting collaborations and skins, including collaborations with sought-after vehicle brands and unique IPs, as well as progressive weapon skins that reflect players’ preferences through a series of upgrades, will further enhance the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS experience.

Matchmaking Improvements
Changes are coming to matchmaking to ensure a more balanced environment in Normal Matches. The MMR (Matchmaking Rating) system will undergo refinements to offer fairer competition among players of similar skill levels. The behavior patterns of bots in Normal Matches will also be improved to offer a more immersive and meaningful experience, featuring more natural actions and diverse scenarios.
Ranked Overhauls
Significant enhancements to Ranked play are underway to strengthen the connection between Normal Matches, Ranked, and Esports. Rondo, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ newest map, will be added to the Ranked play map pool in April, with considerations for its future inclusion in Esports. New tiered rewards and exclusive Ranked play rewards will be introduced to make Ranked play more appealing. Changes to the Rank Points system, including a greater weight given to kills, will make the tiers more accurately reflect skill levels, with a pilot test scheduled for April.
Unreal Engine 5 and UGC
The transition of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS to Unreal Engine 5 marks the start of an exciting journey, alongside preparations for User Generated Content (UGC), with the aim to empower players to create and engage with their content and foster a vibrant, creator-driven ecosystem.
Anti-Cheat Enhancements
To ensure fair play, anti-cheat measures will be intensified, expanding the focus beyond Ranked play to include Normal Matches and all game modes. Upgrades to existing solutions and the active use of deep learning technology will enhance the speed and efficiency of detecting and penalising illegal software use.
Significant achievements and future anti-cheat plans will be shared transparently through dev letters, maintaining open communication with the community.
For more details on the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS 2024 Roadmap, please visit or see the 24 minute Dev talk video here:

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