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Initially revealed last week, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ Update 22.1 is now live on PC and Survivors will be thrilled to learn that Deston has returned to the rotation. Also, there are bears now. Those fearsome grizzlies can be found guarding loot drops on Vikendi and you may even catch a glimpse through your fancy new thermal scope under the light of a silvery moon.

The return of Deston is also a big deal on its own, and a win for community feedback! Taego will be taking some time off while PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ newest map gets more of a chance to shine. On top of those bigger changes, you can also expect to see some weapon and vehicle adjustments as the new ranked season launches.
You’ll find more on these key details below, and you can also turn to the full patch notes for an even deeper dive into what’s new.

  • Season of Vikendi
    • Bears - Bears have moved onto Vikendi’s icy battlegrounds but they’re sheltering from the blizzard and hibernating for winter. Players can invade their caves for valuable loot, but we all know what happens when you poke a sleeping bear. 
    • Moonlight - Vikendi’s winter wonderland is completed with moonlight mode, which turns the map into an atmospheric snowscape with an aurora borealis overhead and serene vibes. Take in the beautiful sights but keep your ears open; there are still enemies around.
    • Thermal Scope - Perfect for spotting targets in Vikendi’s darkened nightscape and whiteout blizzards is the thermal scope. This 4x magnification scope highlights enemies, making them easier to spot.
  • Deston - Following community feedback we’re re-introducing Deston back into the Normal Match. We’re also working on a plan to reduce the time between map rotations later this year. The current selection of Normal Match maps includes Erangel, Miramar, Karakin, Vikendi and Deston. Ranked Match maps include Erangel, Miramar, and Taego.
  • Ranked Season - The ranked leaderboard is being reset for Season 22, giving Ranked players a chance to start again and compete to earn in-game rewards. We’re also distributing rewards from Season 21 now that it’s all over, so look out for emblems, parachute skins, metals, and animated nameplates in your inventory at the start of Season 22.
  • Adjustments - We’re continuing to improve the core PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS gameplay experience by tweaking the spawn rates of 5.56mm and 7.62mm weapons (AR, DMR, LMG only) to have similar spawn rates and provide players with better options. We’re also removing vehicle models with open roofs so drivers and passengers will be a little less vulnerable to incoming fire.
More information on PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is available at emea.battlegrounds.pubg.com  and on official social media channels: YouTubeTwitterInstagramFacebookTwitchTikTok.

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