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Developed with hyperrealism technology, ANA takes her first steps into the world with her very own YouTube channel and a tease of what’s to come

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - August 15, 2022 - With KRAFTON, Inc. seeking to expand its areas of business beyond gaming, the company has previously unveiled images of its first virtual human, ANA, in June. As a follow-up to her introduction, KRAFTON has officially revealed more details around what’s next for its virtual denizen. Starting today, viewers can get a sneak peek inside her daily life with the launch of ANA’s YouTube channel and Instagram account.
As a virtual influencer, ANA has many hobbies, which include gaming, music, dancing, and fashion. In addition to these interests, her largest motivating factor is spreading joy and happiness through music and entertainment. ANA is more than what meets the eye though, as she wields unexpected powers. With the release of her initial photos, curious viewers may have noticed a green crystal ring on her finger. The ring itself allows her to teleport to different locations and interact with the world in various ways. In addition to never having to worry about traffic, ANA is also the owner of a “FIZZ” bubble gun, which gives her the ability to raise the mood and feelings of everybody around her.

Developed at KRAFTON, ANA was created using hyperrealism and deep learning technology. With the launch of her new YouTube and Instagram channels, ANA aims to continuously post new and engaging content, while also working on her own original song and music video.


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