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The ultimate Betting Royale is here to shake up the battlefield! Defense Derby is now available on mobile devices via Google Play, App Store and Galaxy Store in more than 190 countries

RisingWings, an independent studio of KRAFTON, Inc., has officially launched a real-time strategy defense mobile game, Defense Derby, globally.

Breathing fresh energy into the tower defense genre, Defense Derby thrusts players into 4-player PvP battles where they face intense strategy, mind games, and powerful synergy effects. Each round commences with a "scouting stage," where players bid against each other to recruit units and assemble their squads. Players must then strategically deploy their units within their castles to harness their unique capabilities and repel a sequence of monster attacks. The last player standing, with their castle intact, is declared the winner.

Defense Derby introduces a novel genre known as "Betting Royale." This unique gameplay element sees players scouting for units and launching battles through bidding. The game is available in a total of nine languages, including Korean, English, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Portuguese, and Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), in over 190 countries worldwide. Players can download the game from Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and Samsung’s Galaxy Store.

The game also rolled out new modes and contents that will add even more fun to the play experience. These include the core play modes, ‘Derby Mode (PvP)’ and ‘Blitz Mode (PvE)’, as well as the ‘Valley of Trials’, where players can only use units of the same race as the Dungeon. Additionally, ‘Friendly Derby’, where players can create rooms and play with friends, and ‘Themed Mode’, which is available for a specified period of time and have different rules each time, are available. ‘Ban Pick Mode’, where players can place bans on certain units held by the opponent before the start of the battle, and ‘Quest Mode’, where the first player to survive the battle while completing given quests wins, will be sequentially available in the Themed Mode.

To celebrate the official release, an exciting lineup of events has been prepared. All players will receive a 'Welcome Package' filled with in-game bonuses at launch, including 20,000 Gold, a Rare Hero card, a Rare Unit card, and a Special Castle Skin. Players will have the opportunity to earn rewards such as the Legendary Unit card, Rare Unit card, Cubics, Gold, and more prizes through in-game events like Login Event, Lucky Draw, and Event Store. In addition, more events will be held on official YouTube, Facebook, and Discord.

“We are delighted to be able to officially present Defense Derby, which has been developed for approximately two years, to players worldwide,” said Sinchan Park, Production Director for Defense Derby at RisingWings. “We are dedicated to ensuring players can enjoy the game to the fullest by adding diverse content and providing a stable service.”

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