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PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Unveils 27.2 Update: Introducing the Rondo Exclusive Market and More

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - 10 January, 2024 – Today KRAFTON has launched the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS 27.2 Update, introducing an array of features to the newest map Rondo, with the spotlight on the all-new "Market" system. This will be the first in-game store for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS allowing players to purchase powerful upgrades and weaponry with a new currency, full details can be found below.

Rondo's Market: Where Choice Meets Fortune
The newly introduced Rondo Market will allow players to make in-game transactions. With a collection of items available for purchase using the Rondo exclusive in-game currency, BR Coins, players can now strategically shop for the items they need to secure victory. Markets come in three distinct grades, each offering a unique selection and quality of items.

BR Coins: The Currency of Rondo's Markets
BR Coins are a new non-premium currency players can earn through various methods including world-spawn items, in-game challenges, defeating Pillar Guards, and selling inventory items at the Market. BR Coins are the key to unlocking the vast array of items available for purchase.

Emergency Cover Flare and Battle Ready Kit: Exclusive Market Items
Two new Market-exclusive items have been added. The Emergency Cover Flare is a throwable defensive item, while the Battle Ready Kit is a healing and boost item.

Garage and Pillar UAZ: Unveiling Exclusive Rides
Certain Grade I Markets come with an associated garage, housing the Rondo exclusive Pillar UAZ vehicle. The Pillar UAZ boasts enhanced protection with bulletproof windows and sturdy tires, providing players with an advantage on the battlefield.

Pillar Guards and Safes: Challenge Awaits
Rondo introduces Pillar Guards, fierce NPC’s aiming to protect Grade III Market locations, adding an element of challenge for players seeking high-quality merchandise. Safes scattered across the map offer the opportunity to acquire Gold Bars, which can be traded for BR Coins at the Market.

In-Game Challenges and Rewards
Players will be able to engage in in-game challenges with three difficulty levels and a variety of rewards. Players can accomplish challenges individually, earning BR Coins, items, and more.

EMP Zone: A New Frontier in Rondo
The Rondo-exclusive EMP Zone disables most electronic devices within its reach. This zone adds a fresh twist, forcing players away from using electronic devices, and focusing on raw PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS gameplay.

Spawn Changes: Evolution of the Rondo Landscape
The update brings significant changes to the Rondo spawn system, removing certain weapons and vehicles while increasing the spawn rates for others. This adjustment aims to enhance the overall gaming experience and balance in the Rondo map.

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