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The update brings new thrills to the recently released RONDO map!

Building on the momentum of RONDO's recent launch, the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ 27.2 Update is specifically designed to enrich and expand the RONDO experience even further. Packed with innovative features tailored for the RONDO map, this update adds fresh dimensions to your gameplay. Below are the key highlights exclusive to RONDO, but you can delve into the complete Patch Notes for all the intricate details HERE


RONDO’s new Market feature transforms the game by allowing players to purchase a variety of in-game items with BR Coins, moving beyond just finding items on the ground. This evolution introduces strategic shopping choices that can influence the outcome of the match. Collect BR Coins, shop at the Market, and strategize your way to victory! 


The EMP Zone in RONDO creates a unique gameplay area where most electronic devices are disabled. Entering this zone deactivates scope reticles, shuts down motor vehicles, and renders Markets and other electronic devices inoperative, with a few exceptions like C4 and Stun Guns. This zone, which won't appear after Phase 3 and doesn't damage players or the environment, signals its activation on the world map and affects escalators overlapping its area. Designed for a solitary, electronics-free experience, the EMP Zone adds a new strategic dimension to RONDO’s gameplay. 


The Emergency Cover Flare in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS emits red smoke and swiftly deploys three sturdy airdrops for protection. These airdrops can break bamboo and wooden fences and pose a danger to players beneath them. Resistant to weapon damage, they can be moved by vehicles and extinguish flames and smoke from throwable items. Note that the flares won’t work in confined spaces. Available at the Item Shop and as a world spawn. 


The Battle Ready Kit, exclusive to the Market, is a potent heal and boost item purchasable at the Item Shop. It fully restores health and boost gauges in 8 seconds. Notably, it doesn't follow the usual shortcuts for heal/boost item usage. 


The Pillar UAZ, exclusive to the Market's Garage, is a robust vehicle with 2500 health and a maximum speed of 90-107 km/h with boost. Featuring bulletproof windows, sturdy tires, and a trunk system, it provides enhanced protection. However, players can't fire from inside due to its bulletproof windows. 

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