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Battle beneath a glowing red sky in New State Mobile's latest update

KRAFTON revealed the details of the first monthly update of the year for NEW STATE MOBILE, which is out now on iOS and Android. The update introduces the stunning new weather effect "TROI Twilight" as well as the Dragunov DMR and Battle Royale Season 13. 

"TROI Twilight" – A Mesmerizing New Weather Effect on TROI 

Experience the TROI map like never before with TROI Twilight, with the last bits of daylight glowing over the map as players move in towards the shrinking playzone. This exclusive weather condition offers a chance to earn 50% more tier points during victories, while losses come with a small additional penalty. Initially, TROI Twilight will appear more frequently to let players experience the new weather event for themselves. 

Introducing the Dragunov DMR 

The Dragunov designated marksman rifle (DMR) is now available in New State Mobile, bringing high headshot damage and another option for fans of 7.62mm caliber weapons. Customize the Dragunov with various attachments, including the new Dedicated Tactical Stock, which provides faster aiming and stabilized recoil. 

Gameplay Balance Adjustments 

We heard your feedback: Gunplay now includes increased hip-fire bullet spread for ARs, SMGs, and LMGs. You can also expect matches in the TROI map to move at a more rapid pace, with less time to scrounge and do battle between each Blue Zone phase and a 20% increase in item spawn rates. Finally, Human vs AI mode now features more capable AI combatants who deal increased damage and move faster. 

 Battle Royale Season 13 and Survivor Pass Vol.27 

Battle Royale Season 13 is underway! Player tiers have been reset back to 0, and Season 12 participants are receiving summaries of their accomplishments.  The new season brings Survivor Pass Vol.27, which introduces the new unlockable skin for “Jack Overkill.” Complete levels in the Survivor Pass to acquire his character skin, earn rich rewards in the Premium Pass, and unlock the “Cartoon State” costume set for Jack. 

NEW STATE MOBILE’s January Update is playable now on iOS and Android. For more information, please visit or follow the game on social media at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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