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If you haven't caught wind yet, we've just rolled out an exhilarating August update for New State Mobile, the hit mobile battle royale game by KRAFTON Inc. This fresh update brings to the table exciting additions like the expanded northern region of "AKINTA", the adrenaline-pumping "Human vs. AI" mode, and the sharpshooting DMR "SL8" with its "Reinforced Barrel" customization, among others. 

AKINTA Map Enhancement 

Launched in 2022, AKINTA immerses players in a futuristic African setting. This compact 4km x 4km map delivers rapid 15-minute battle royale sessions for up to 64 participants. This month's refresh sees the northern AKINTA region, previously off-limits, welcoming players with new hotspots. Dive into the "Temple" for special items and coveted care package weapons or navigate the intricately woven "Canal." Plus, the initial Blue Zone now offers a tad more space, and players can relish a slightly prolonged Blue Zone reduction timer. 

New "Human vs. AI" Mode 

Brace yourself for a fresh challenge on AKINTA. This mode pits players against formidable AI, intensifying as the match progresses. AI weaponry and combat tactics escalate, ensuring that players always remain on their toes. Dive in solo or with your squad and stand a chance to earn more BP than in traditional battle royale bouts. 

DMR "SL8" Customization 

The marksman rifle SL8 now boasts its "Reinforced Barrel" customization. Engage enemies with an automatic firing mode and enjoy the added silencing benefits. Note: This enhancement increases vertical recoil, and the muzzle slot is off-limits. 

Ace League's New Season 

Ready for elite competition? Ace League preliminaries are slated for September 9th-15th, with the main showdown on the 16th and 17th, each lasting 2 hours. To qualify, players need a score of at least 3,000 points (Diamond V) and a special ticket to battle in the main event. Due to the Ace League, the Weekly League pauses from September 9th-17th. 

Survivor Pass Vol.22 

Meet the pass's leading figure, "Dante" from the Dream Runner faction. Conquer all pass levels to snag Dante's character skin, on the house. 

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