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The global soccer superstar will participate in-person in Paris and livestream the event with various in-person activities to influence the Deston Rise event challenges

SANTA MONICA, CALIF. - August 2, 2022 - As part of Neymar Jr.’s continued partnership with KRAFTON, Inc.’s PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, the global superstar soccer player and his squad will participate in the ‘Deston Rise’ livestream event on  5:30 PM - 7:00 PM CEST that will measure the skills of his squad against several other PUBG Partners in the newly released Deston map. In addition to livestreaming the event on PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ official Twitch channel, Neymar Jr. will participate in various in-person activities to influence certain rules of the Deston Rise event challenges - such as which items Neymar Jr. can use and what items/gear other squads can or cannot use during the challenges.

Throughout the Deston Rise event, Neymar Jr. and his squad will participate in two separate challenges - “Neymar Jr.’s Squad versus Everyone: Lodge Defense” for two matches and “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS BR Match” for one match. During the challenges, Neymar Jr. will be able to showcase his superior football skills to potentially change the course of the fights he encounters. Below is a rundown of the challenges Neymar Jr. will face during the event and more information about the event can be found HERE.
Neymar Jr.’s Squad vs Everyone: Lodge Defense

The first challenge will be Neymar Jr.’s squad against everyone and Neymar Jr.’s goal is to defend the Lodge point-of-interest (POI) in Deston. The challenge will be played in TPP with Neymar Jr.’s squad against seven other PUBG Partner player squads. Neymar Jr.’s squad will only be allowed to loot the Lodge POI and the goal is simple - defend the Lodge with at least one of the squad members alive. The challenge will run for two matches and below is a rundown of the rules:

  • Neymar Jr. and his squad will only be allowed to loot Lodge.
  • All other partner streamers are allowed to loot anywhere else in Deston.
    • The only weapons allowed are - 1) Melee, 2) Crossbow and 3) Pistols.
    • They have complete freedom to use tactical gears as well as health and boost items.
  • The Bluezone will be modified to be centered around Lodge.
  • There will be an in-person activity with a football goal that Neymar Jr. can use to spawn desired weapons/items at Lodge.

The second and final challenge will incorporate the regular PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS battle royale format - but with a twist. Neymar Jr.’s squad and seven other PUBG Partner squads will drop into Deston with the below ruleset activated for one match:
  • Only Level 1 Gears (Helmet / Backpack / Vest) are to spawn in Deston.
  • The match observer with Sandbox Mode access will be able to manually grant Level 3 gear, as well as Self-AED to Neymar Jr. only.
  • An in-person activity with a football goal can be used by Neymar Jr. to handicap other PUBG Partner squads (i.e. what weapons/items not to use and to use).

Throughout the livestream, viewers watching the broadcast on the official PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Twitch channel will have the chance to receive special rewards through a drawing done by Neymar Jr. and PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. Be sure to tune into the Twitch channel on Aug. 3 for your chance to win!
Finally, the Deston Summer Tour event is entering its final week. PC and console players should pack a camera as they board the plane to Deston and grab a screenshot or video of them posing in an area of their choice. Players can then upload the screenshot or video to any one of their Twitter, Instagram or Facebook accounts with their in-game nickname, game platform and “#DestonSummerTour”. 500 random winners selected from the submitted entries will receive souvenirs: 1,000 G-COIN and a Deston Tour spray! Now pull out your best costume, weapon skin and hairstyle from your Customize closet and submit a photo or video before the event ends on : August 5, 8:59 AM CEST.


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