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PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS' First Map – Erangel – Receives Gameplay Updates, a Visual Remaster, and KFC Collaboration in October’s 26.1 Update

Thursday, 5 October – KRAFTON today announced the latest update for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. Update 26.1 will be unveiled on 5 October 2023, and breathe new life into the beloved Erangel, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ first map. The 26.1 update offers players new gameplay opportunities, a blend of aesthetic and gameplay enhancements, and a KFC collaboration for all players.

The 26.1 update contains:

Changes to some of Erangel’s locations are listed below:

  • Stalber now features an astronomical observatory theme complete with a skyward-facing dome. Stalber has also been refitted with improved accessibility and fresh looting spots.
  • Replacing the submerged village, Boatyard is now a vibrant harbour, offering a revamped layout and new structures.
  • Ruins offers a smoother looting experience, better vehicle access with interior tweaks and an enhanced landscape to explore
  • A blend of old and new concepts, Mylta is now a harmonious town with a central stream, cornfields, and additional beach trees for cover.
  • Georgopol’s layout has been refined with relocated buildings and enhanced surroundings to emphasise cover opportunities.
  • Players can also find easter eggs about a new upcoming map, hidden throughout Erangel.

Map Updates

  • The World Map and Minimap will receive updates, including refined landscapes, additional trees for cover, adjusted container heights, and optimised textures.

KFC Collaboration
KFC has landed in Erangel for one month only.

  • Erangel's gas stations have transformed into KFC restaurants.
  • Players can obtain exclusive KFC Chicken Combos from kiosks nestled inside KFC restaurants. Players can engage with the kiosk using the Interaction Key. After an order is placed, players’ nicknames will appear on the order number display board as their KFC Chicken Combo spawns on the counter.
  • Each player may use the kiosk once per KFC restaurants and once more after entering Phase 4.
  • Players can earn a KFC Chicken Bucket, KFC Secret Recipe Fries, or a KFC Drink with the KFC Chicken Combo. 
  • KFC billboards have been added to Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. KFC banners have been added to starting planes for Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Karakin, Taego, and Deston.

Secret Rooms

  • Discover Erangel's new Secret Rooms, accessible via underground entrances and filled with high-value items. Venture into these hidden locations, unlock them with Secret Room Keys, and collect the rewards before enemy engagements arrive. Secret Rooms are available in Normal and Custom Matches.

Vehicle Spawns

  • Added vehicle spawn locations in both Normal and Ranked Matches to improve strategic mobility.

Thermal 4x Scope

  • The Thermal 4x Scope is no longer world-spawn but can be found in specific locations such as Care Packages, Secret Rooms, and Supply Drops. The scope will still have its heat-detection feature.

Killfeed Updates

  • Team numbers are now displayed in killfeed across various modes to enhance teamwork and strategy. Killfeeds will feature team numbers and be displayed in replay and observer mode.

For full patch notes, please visit KRAFTON’s website here.

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