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2-year anniversary celebrations kick-off on Nov. 11 with the all-new "Blue Zone Grenade" and other exciting updates

We're excited to dive into the October reveal for NEW STATE MOBILE, KRAFTON Inc.'s renowned mobile battle royale. The battlefield gets more intense with strategic depth skyrocketing, thanks to the all-new "Blue Zone Grenade," a game-changer in player tactics, among other thrilling enhancements!

Strategic Chaos with the Blue Zone Grenade 

Originally making waves in "PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS," the Blue Zone Grenade debuts in NEW STATE MOBILE, unleashing a temporary Blue Zone that demands quick wits and quicker reflexes. Be warned: overlapping Blue Zones up the damage - and the stakes! 

Parachute Precision and Rapid Descent 

Rule the skies with revamped parachute controls and the brand-new rapid descent feature. Whether you're gliding far or dropping fast, the battlefield's yours to command - just not when reviving via Green Flare Gun. 

AK Alfa's "Dedicated Laser Grip" Customization 

The AK Alfa's new attachment isn't just for show. Expect improved recoil control and enhanced accuracy, whether you're aiming down sights or firing from the hip - a small trade-off for a bit slower aiming and no handle slot. 

Ace League's Explosive Schedule 

The heat's on in the Ace League! Daily prelims from November 11th-17th lead to the ultimate showdown on the 18th and 19th. Remember, the Weekly League takes a break until the 25th. Are you ready to climb the ranks? 

Survivor Pass Vol.24 Unleashes "Chris" 

Meet Chris, the fearless leader of the Hunters faction and the face of Survivor Pass Vol.24. Scale the pass levels for a free skin and indulge in the 'Crazy Baron' costume set with the Premium Pass - it's our most rewarding yet! 

2nd Anniversary Festivities 

Anniversary celebrations kick off on November 11th! Log in by December 19th for exclusive skins and Chicken Medals. Don't miss out on special missions, anniversary coins, and more - your ticket to coveted rewards and weapon upgrade tokens. 

For a deeper dive into the electrifying world of NEW STATE MOBILE and all it has in store, visit the official website at

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