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PUBG Patch 25.2 Drops with New Features: Dragunov DMR, AUG Tweaks, and Chroma Progressive Weapon Skins

– KRAFTON has today launched the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS 25.2 update featuring the formidable Dragunov weapon, refined AUG assault-rifle adjustments, and the enchanting Chroma Progressive Weapon Skin System.

The 25.2 Update contains:

Marking a New Era with Dragunov

Prepare to reshape the battlefield with the introduction of the Dragunov, a new Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). This high-powered weapon boasts exceptional damage and an impressive 500-metre effective range. Further enhancing its prowess, the Dragunov is compatible with all scopes, allowing players to tailor their approach. The Dragunov is available in normal matches, ranked games, training grounds, and custom matches.

Tactical Overhaul for AUG

The AUG has undergone strategic enhancements following its reintegration as a world-spawn weapon, leading to heightened usage and victory rates. Acknowledging this evolution, PUBG Corporation has fine-tuned the AUG, balancing its fire rate to 720 while fine-tuning the horizontal and vertical recoil. The result is a sophisticated AUG variant that bridges the gap between the Beryl M762 and M416, establishing itself as a balanced and competitive choice.

A Vibrant Evolution with Chroma Customization

PUBG 25.2 introduces a mesmerising transformation to the Progressive Weapon Skin System with the debut of the Chroma skin type. Chroma infuses weapon skins with vibrant hues and captivating effects. Not confined to Progressive Weapon Skins alone, Chroma also extends its vibrance to attachment skins, loot crates, and killfeed frames, offering players an unprecedented spectrum of visual possibilities.

The update also unveils a rejuvenated design for the BATTLESTAT skin for tracking cumulative kills and headshots.

In the upcoming PUBG 25.2 update, PUBG Corporation have shown a dedication to listening to community feedback. While adding a whole array of new features further improving the stellar experience of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.

For full patch notes, please visit KRAFTON’s website here.

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